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Kapoor Dani

Karpuram Steel Kapoordani

-120/ Rs

  • Mini Portable kapoor dani Machine
  • Electric kapoor dani easy to use
  • LWH :11*8*7 Weight : 200 grams
  • If may help in cough, cold ,flu, fever, swine flu, headache, close nose and many heart or lung problems creates positive energy

Karpuram Steel Coated Kapoordani

-150/ Rs

  • Keeps away Mosquitos.
  • Brings in positive energy.
  • No harmaful gas
  • LWH :14*14*11 Weight : 350 grams

Karpuram Wooden Kapoordani

-220/ Rs

  • Multipurpose Special Grade Plastic Kapoor dani with Night lamp, Aroma Diffuser.
  • Home remedy for head lice.
  • Used to treat Eczema.
  • LWH :14*14*11 Weight : 350 grams

Karpuram Premium Wooden Kapoordani

-250/ Rs

  • Repel Insects.
  • Bright your home with camphor diffuser.
  • EASY TO USE : kapur diffuser electric Insert the plug into the socket and switch on the button for a FEW MINUTES and put some Kapoor or chinese agarwood set on the top plate and you can use like agarbatti stand with ash catcher.
  • Make your house a spiritual haven Use our kapur dani electric pot while doing yoga, meditation, or even academic work.
  • Dhoop stand less VEP electric vape smoking produces very easy for clean, Heavy Duty oil diffuser for home fragrance

Karpuram Ceramic Kapoordani

-450/ Rs

  • To Long lasting use Kindly Switch off the kapur dani once kapur tablet finished.
  • Easy to use-Insert the plug into the socket & switch on the button for few min ,put some kapoor/ aroma oil on top of the plate.
  • Manufactured from high quality deluxe stone pot ceramic material.
  • Aroma Oil Burner with Night Lamp.

Karpuram Ceramic Glass Kapoordani

-600/ Rs

  • It is used for burning incense are a beautiful ornate way of filling rooms with wonderful frangrances.
  • LWH :11*8*7 Weight : 200 grams