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Bronze Products

Bronze (Kansa) Dinner

  • Baby Dinner Set is also available
  • Thali Size 11"TOP DIA 12"TOP DIA 13"TOP DIA
    Bowl(cm) Spoon Sweet Dish Glass
    9x3.9 16.36 (L) 11.2x2.56 8.3x6.09

Bronze (Kansa) Bawl

  • Available in different types-
  • Serving Bowl – Tasla
  • Mukta Matt Finished
  • Soup Bawl
  • U-Matt Finished
  • Bronze (Kansa) Dinning Bowl

Bronze Glass

  • Available in different types-
  • Joy Matt Finished
  • Bronze (Kansa) Glass Dholak
  • Dholak Matt Finished
  • Bronze Glass Amrapali Fine Finished

Bronze (Kansa) Bell

  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF COPPER (Cu): Improved heath of connective tissue, hair, and eyesight. Regulated health rhythm, balanced thyroid gland. Quick wound healing. Reduced cholesterol.
  • Improved in loss of hearing, loss of hair. Reduced depression. Balanced blood thickness rate.

Bronze Spoon

  • Available in different types-
  • Bronze (Kansa) Serving Spoon | Apsara Fine Finished
  • Apsara Matt Finished
  • Bronze (Kansa) Fork
  • Pan Baby Fine Finished

Kansa Lotha

  • Top Diameter-6.35 cm
  • Height-7.11
  • Weight (gm)-230