898 Leg, Foot, Calf & Thigh Massager


1. The new full-airbag massage leg machine has a double-cut design, with a cut-over function on the top, a
novel and stylish look.
2. Airbag massage and sole roller massage: using massage chair air pressure technology, with softness strength, and stereoscopic feeling. The massage techniques are flexible and changeable. The strength is from light to heavy and In-depth stimulation of acupuncture points. Sole roller massages the sole acupuncture points of all of the soles.


3. Three intensity adjustments, five kinds of programs, and 17 different massage combinations: multiple program combinations for the customer to choose their favor by themselves.
4. Multi-angle massage: the angle is adjustable (0-90º) to achieve the best results The bottom with manual flip support angle of 20 degrees, lifted up to facilitate the massage of the knee.
5. Far infrared heating: heating function with a thermal therapy effect.
6. Full massage: the massage range is wide, from the foot to the calf, to the knee thigh.
7. Safety: if the power is suddenly cut off in operation, it can be automatically deflated and will not hold.
8. After 20 minutes, the “auto off” function will work automatically.
9. The kneading cloth cover with a zip can be taken off and can be cleaned.


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