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Honing Machines

Welcome To Shri Arogyam

The Shri Arogyam Established in the year of 2018. today most of the diseases affecting the global community, And we do not have an effective treatment available in modern medicine.

Then Shri Arogyam comes into picture with the concept of integrated effort to bring some old methods in our day to day life. Specially, we are dealing with old traditional methods (kalavash ). Which is our part of life, but now in modern life we have brought with modern technology. As people want more results in less time & less effort. (we are concentrating on those things which are not now our part of life, in the old days those things are part of our life.)

Due to that way of method Kasya foot massage machine, manufactured by Shri Arogyam having relaxed seating with best foot massage at all your acupressure points.More....


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