A-415 Leg, Foot, Calf & Thigh Massager


1. Properties:- Massager
2. Product Name:-   leg beautician and calf massager with a foot roller
3. Massage Modes:- Tapping, Shiatsu, Kneading, Vibration
4. Air Pressure Massage:- Leg and Foot Massager
5. Stretch function:- Thighs and calves microcomputer Leg and Foot Massager
6. Massage Area:- Leg, Foot, calf & thigh
7. Warranty Period:- One Year
8. Air:- compressing and foot roller kneading


Shipping Price Actual


Use massage chairs with pneumatic technology, strength softly, dimensional feel, massage flexibility, and strength Deep massage to stimulate a more in-depth site. Roller in foot parts can give a more comprehensive stimulation of foot acupuncture points.
3 levels of intensity adjustment, 3 modes of program, and 17 kinds of massage combinations.
A combination of a variety of programs, so you can be comfortable with the massage intensity and according to their own favorite programs, to achieve the desired massage effect
It can adjust different angles, from zero to 140 degrees to achieve the convenient massage effect.


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