Camphor Cone Jasmine


  • The sweet, floral fragrance of jasmine will delight your senses.
  • Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your car for instant refreshment.
  • It is a healthier alternative to aerosol sprays and fragrances repellents that contain harmful toxic chemicals



* Dual purpose – TWO IN ONE BENEFIT: Unlike conventional products which are either a fragrance or a repellent, CamPure Camphor Cone is both: It provides a REFRESHING FRAGRANCE, REPELS MOSQUITOES and even ELEVATES MOOD.

* The scent spreads quickly to neutralize and remove unpleasant odors, protects you from mosquitoes, and insects, and preserves your clothes from dampness and moth infestations.

* The sweet, floral fragrance of Camphor will delight your senses.

* NATURAL, ORGANIC, & ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from an extract of the pine tree (also known as Kapoor) and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product, making it safe around children and pets

How to Use

* Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your home, office, or vehicle.

* For the next 45 days experience a unique camphor-based fragrance that has the ability to keep you fresh and healthy.


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