A-868 Massager


Power:- 95W
Voltage:- 220v
Adjustable:- Upper Part Multi-Angle Adjustable.
The airbags can shrink automatically to prevent legs from being stuck when the power is off of a sudden.

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Reduce the pressure on the foot and leg, improve the flexibility of muscle, beautify the curve of the leg, stimulate blood circulation, ease the pain after exercise, stimulate the points, remove fatigue and improve the quality of sleep.
A variety of three-dimensional massage
We move shiatsu rolling foot massage unite into this leg massager.
Leg & knee massage simulate professional music therapists, pinch, rub, rub, point, according to a variety of massage techniques, to achieve three-dimensional linkage leg foot massage.
Dimensional computer carefully controlled massage intensity, do not worry about non-professional masseur hurt your body.
All-around wrap airbags
360-degree wrap-around airbags With more powerful massage and a wider care air- compression.
The circulating air pressure pulse is controlled by the integrated chip. With a soft and comfortable feeling.
Completely breaking the traditional weakness of foot massage machine with hard contacts, to help eliminate leg fatigue caused by prolonged standing, leg reshape and curve good shape.
6 groups of carbon fiber heating cloth, warm your legs, feet, 50-degree temperature heating
Well-protected leg and foot from the cold breath of intrusion, take care of your health.
Leg & knee massager set up eight groups of carbon fiber heating devices at the knee and ankle to simulate the traditional cupping heating, warm legs, and foot’s corresponding parts.


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